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What To Do When Your AC Has Malfunctions?

Air Conditioning Daniel Island SC

Having problems with your air conditioner could be expected. It also needs a daily check-up to know its condition, just like any appliance. It mostly struggles to operate in hot weather.
To ensure that you do not lose the cool on your air conditioner. Here in Daniel Island AC, we can offer you AC pros and licensed technicians to provide you high-quality services. 

It is common to encounter and deal with the problems to your AC. It mostly affects central AC systems, but we are happy to tell you that it is the easiest to fix. So, no need to worry about it, we got your back. You can call and email us on our official website for faster transactions.

How to repair air conditioners?


There are few things to do when dealing with the complications of air conditioners. You can prevent with simple things, or you can call some services to do it. Most central air conditioners are connected to your home’s forced-air distribution system. Hence, it still has the same ductwork, blower, and moor are used to spread cool air from the AC system. But when the AC works and the room is not cooling, there might be a problem with the distribution system.


Central air conditioners have evaporators and condensers, which are sealed. So, you needed to call a professional to check it out. This kind of AC needs to be inspected by experienced personnel. AC Repair Daniel Island SC is always here to serve you! But do not rely on this maintenance. There are specific things you need to follow to keep your system operating efficiently. Here are some common problems and how to fix them:


Evaporator Cleaning 

In a central air system, their evaporators are mostly located above the furnace in the plenum. Some evaporators are not accessible, but if you see it yourself, better clean it at least once a year. When the plenum is foil-wrapped insulation at its front, you can go and proceed on cleaning the evaporator. But when the plenum is sealed in a sheet metal box, do not dare to open it. Here are some quick steps on cleaning an accessible evaporator. 

Condenser Cleaning 

Most condenser units are located outside the house, and we can’t deny that it is prone to dirt and debris from trees, airborne particles, lawn mowing, and dust. It also has a fan that moves air through the condenser coil. It would help if you cleaned the coil on its intake side, so before turning off your air conditioner’s power, look into the system and check the direction m=where the air moves across the coils. 


Daniel Island SC Home Services

Once you experience some unusual happenings to your air conditioner, Daniel Island AC is always here to help and assist you! You can call us and email us for more information about your problem. 


We offer all AC services such as AC installation, AC maintenance, and AC repair in Daniel Island, SC. Licensed technicians and staff are the ones sent to help our customers.

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