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Tips on: How You Will Check If There’s a Loud Noise Coming From Your AC Unit

Air Conditioning Isle of Palms SC

Finding the best AC contractor that will make you comfortable is here! When it comes to the best brand in the market, Isle of Palms steps up its innovation that is also one call away from any urgent matter in your home.

Isle of Palms AC Repair is located in South Carolina, wherein it is famous for beaches backed by condos and restaurants. It is a family-owned and operated company that maintains its customer service levels, and up until now, it is still unmatched by any other competitors.

The company ensures that their service will give you 100% satisfaction with the purchase and installation of your new air and cooling equipment. They also guarantee to refund your money if you are not satisfied.

They hired professional, trustworthy, and reliable AC contractors with more than fifteen years of experience. So if you are having a problem with your AC, then you can reach Air Conditioning Isle of Palms SC will do their best to correct any issue regarding your AC.

Why does the air conditioner make a loud noise?

If you hear that your AC is making a loud or buzz noise, there must be a malfunction in it. You can either check it by yourself or call our professional contractors from Air Conditioning Isle of Palms, SC. Several issues make a sound inside your AC, here are some of the common reason and why does it sound like that;  

  • Banging Noise

A banging sound is the cause of a loose or a broken part, and that you need a compressor replacement for its system.

  • Clicking Noise

It is normal to hear a clicking noise when you start up your air conditioner, but if it is continuously making a sound, there must be defective control on the thermostat. There are several parts of a unit, and you must look into them before a more significant issue.

  • Clanking Noise

This kind of sound would be a big problem if you ignored it. Usually, this kind of issue is a sign of a loose or unbalanced part of a blade, and it is hitting other parts inside the unit that cause the clanking noise.

  • Squealing Noise

It is also normal if you bought a new one, but it happens when the blower and fan are doing wrong; that makes housing squeal. 

  • Buzzing Noise

It is a noise made from outside of the AC; there are few reasons why it makes a buzzing noise; loose parts, air filters need to change, the fans outside are rubbing against something and a leak that results in conditioning freezing up.

So for a better and quiet unit, better call our Isle of Palms AC Contractors.

Isle of Palms SC Home Services  

If you are knowledgeable in such things, better do it yourself to explore your unit’s parts; however, if you need help from professionals for a better result, call our AC Contractors. 

The AC Repair Isle of Palms SC offers AC installation, AC services, and AC maintenance. Also, Isle of Palms AC is available everywhere, even in the place between the Atlantic Ocean and Intercoastal Waterway, the Isle of Palms.

If you are experiencing any problems and you want them solved right away, call, send us an email, or take a look at our websites, where the best is what we offer. 

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